# Rockabilly Festival 2010


OMG ! During 5 days, I  thought I was in the movie GREASE !! Calafell (city between Barcelona and Tarragona) organises each year the Rockabilly festival, and visitors come from the entire world. The fashion style is unique, girls  are Pinups, and boys look like Travolta… Rock & roll from 50s and 60s was back. Rockabilly is a lifestyle: music, clothes, hair, tattoos,  sunglasses, make up… Almost all guys were wearing Converse and girls compansated shoes… I was so in admiration and fascinatted !

Have you already seen « Rockabillers »?


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    how funny, i was invited to a rockabilly party tonight! i don’t really have the right clothes for it…but a fun look nonetheless!
    xox alison

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    This is so amazing! My mouth dropped open :) Thanks so much for dropping by, I’m thrilled it led me to your sweet, sweet blog!

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    Pues si, yo soy de Barcelona! Hubo un tiempo en el que me defendía un poco con el frances, pero ahora casi no lo recuerdo ;)
    Espero que las practicas que realices sean buenas para ti, y más en estos tiempos!
    Un abrazo!

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    I would have loved this event, i want to live in a world sometimes where everything is like GREASE hehe. :-)